6 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2019

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Looking for free software to bring your story to life through video? Nowadays, all you need a few good ideas, a quality camera and free video editing software to start enjoying yourself.

By looking for editing software to make my videos on Youtube , I spent a lot of time to learn about the hardware to use for filming and software to handle to get a not too ugly.

I propose you to discover in this article 6 free tools for successful editing. I will share in a future article, the material and simple tips to improve the rendering of your videos.

How to Choose Video Editing Software?

There are several things to consider when choosing your software:

  • Is it completely free? If no, is it in your budget?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can you export your video?
    • If so, would the quality of the video be optimal (for example, does the export still have a video shot in 4K)?
    • Will there be copyright of the software on the video (as for example with the free version of Screenflow)?
  • Are there any tutorials to take the software in hand?
  • How long do you have to train?
  • Can you make all the effects you want to see on your video (for example: motion tracking etc.)?

Free video editing software

We will update this list regularly. Feel free to complete this list with your favorite software in the comments section.


If you work on an Apple computer, you have access to the iMovie software, the Apple brand video editor. Completely free and easy to use, it is a great alternative to professional video editing software. Like all Apple products, it is very intuitive, but you will find many tutorials by doing a little tour on YouTube. Another advantage: it can be used on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Load directly into the software videos from your computer and you can crop them, shorten them, add visual effects and sound … in short, give free rein to your creativity quite easily, quickly, and for free!

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DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. This software is available in a paid version allowing others to make 3D, however, its free version is quite suitable. It is aimed at a slightly more experienced user since his strength lies in his possibilities in terms of calorimetry and calibration. This software is used in the cinema! You will find a lot of tutorials on Youtube .


Lightworks is also often used in the Hollywood industry. More difficult to use, it is intended for professional assemblers.

It stands out from its competitors thanks to its different workspaces, which makes possible the work in collaboration. Accurate, it will improve the cutting and linking of your clips. The proposed effects are however limited.


VSDC (Free video editor)

This software is only available for Windows OS. Its use is harder to grasp, but do not be fooled by its somewhat dated interface, VSDC is very powerful! You’ll have access to many filters and effects to apply to your videos for a creative and professional result. It is completely free and offers another software to convert your finalized video into the desired format.


Shotcut is an online software accessible to all. It adapts to all levels of users and is compatible with Windows, Max and Linux. It stands out from other sites because it gives the opportunity to make videos in 4K. It will also allow you to use many formats within your video (GIF, PNG …). This is, in our opinion, one of the most complete free editing software on the market. 


Hitfilm 4 Express

Hitfilm is a very impressive software that, despite its ease of use, will allow you to have a very professional rendering and to realize special effects worthy of a blockbuster! Its free version is full of features, but if that’s not enough, you can buy extensions from € 12 and expand your creative possibilities. Attention, Hitfilm is only available in English, on Mac and PC. 

Hitfilm 4 Express

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