6 Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App

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U.S. adults spent, on average, nearly 2.5 hours on mobile apps every day in 2017. If this is a digital channel that makes sense for your business, there’s no time like the present to get moving on this.

If the creation of a responsive and mobile-friendly site is an obligation, it becomes more and more desirable to move to the next level: the mobile application .

If there are tools to create an app from scratch , another solution is to turn an existing website into an app. And that’s exactly what you will do with these 5 plugins if you have a WordPress site.


plugin to turn a wordpress site into an app

WPApp.Ninja is a Made in France solution for creating a mobile application from a WordPress site (whether for iOS, Android, or a Progressive Web App).

The plugin allows you to customize and simply configure your application while maintaining the overall appearance of your WordPress site.

Prices (without subscription) are also attractive. You can also test your app for free before purchase.

Price: count € 49 for an Android app and € 79 for an iOS app (€ 119 for both)


plugin to turn a wordpress site into an app

AppPresser lets you create iOS or Android applications from WordPress sites quickly and easily.

The tool includes a dashboard to modify your application (s) from one place, thanks to a convenient visual editor.

AppPresser, however, requires good technical knowledge to be used effectively.

Rate: subscription starting at $ 19 per month


plugin to turn a wordpress site into an app

With MobiLoud , you can convert a WP site into a native app for iOS or Android, with ease – no technical knowledge is required.

This solution covers a wide range of features, even those that are most specific to WordPress (user accounts, comments, posts …), and is particularly suitable for news sites and blogs.

Rate: subscription to $ 199 per month or license for life from $ 2499


plugin to turn a wordpress site into an app

WiziApp is one of the pioneers of creating native apps from WordPress sites.

With 7 pre-designed themes and advanced customization options for your app, this solution sets no limit for the number of users, page views, or push notifications .

Rate: subscription starting at $ 199 per year


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Blappsta is another example of a WordPress plugin that will help you turn your WordPress blog into a mobile app. This one is not only compatible with iOS and Android devices, but also with Windows smartphones as well.

This is still a relatively new plugin. However, it’s completely free to use and even comes with a preview tool so you can see what your site will look like in mobile app form before creating it.

Rate: from 35 $ per month


For content-driven websites like blogs and newspapers, this plugin might be worth a look. Essentially, it takes your news feed and turns it into a mobile app-friendly layout. While it looks similar to how your responsive site would appear on mobile devices, there is some added functionality here which makes it more suitable for apps.

Just a quick word of caution on this plugin. Although there are several references to this enabling users to build an iOS app, that functionality is currently only in beta. So, if you’re going to use this plugin, do so with the goal of launching strictly for Android, at least for the time being.

Rate: 66 $ per Year