British beauty blogger looks So Much Like Kim Kardashian

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The British blogger Sonya Ali has perplexed many Internet users because she is very similar to Kim Kardashian, in her life Sonya is often confused with a star. Kim Kardashian (left) and Sonya Ali (right) 24-year-old Sonya,

who was born in London, currently lives in Dubai, and with her sister is advertising cosmetics and makeup on her Instagram page (500,000 followers). 

Part of their success is due to the striking similarity of Sonya with Kim, 38 years old. Fans do not cease to be surprised at the striking resemblance. Commenting on Sonya’s photo, one person wrote: “You look more like Kim K than she does, this is crazy.” Another commented: “Kim Kardashian, who ???” The third shared: “How do you look like Kim Kardashian.”

Sonya says many women in the Middle East are like Kim. “People here are not shocked at how we look, because everyone has dark skin, dark eyebrows and brown eyes.”