Hey, Welcome again into “Google Analytics on WordPress Tutorial”. Do you want to install Google Analytics on WordPress without any Plugins? Then you are in the right place. In this tutorial, You will learn How to add Google Analytics on WordPress without Plugins. Generally, Google Analytics help us to track the websites. For this reason, you can see the search performance, keyword performance as well as where from your visitors are coming and what are they doing. Similarly, it is very necessary to know the behavior of the visitors. 

You can do this job in different ways. As like you can add Google Analytics plugins to track the websites. On the other hand, you can only add your websites on Google Analytics only or you can use any types of third party software. But what it would be, if you are able to add Google Analytics on WordPress without plugins. Really, it will be like a magic. But it’s true you can do it. It helps you to reduce a plugin from your websites. As using too many plugins is not good at all. It makes your websites more weighty. For it’s not bad to add Google Analytics Code into WordPress without Plugins. To know how will you do it, follow this post of UxArt step by step. Keep reading…

Why should you add Google Analytics on WordPress:

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Generally, we use Google Analytics code into WordPress websites for this reason.

  • For tracking the websites
  • For knowing the users
  • For knowing the location of your visitors
  • For knowing the real time visitor
  • For knowing the Real-time acquisition
  • For knowing the Real-time traffic sources
  • For knowing the behavior of your visitors

How to install Google Analytics on WordPress Without Plugins:

We’ll add Google Analytics on WordPress by following two methods.

  1. Firstly you have to get the tracking code from Google Analytics
  2. Secondly, we’ll add it on WordPress

Let’s see procedures step by step to add Google Analytics on WordPress websites. 

First get the Tracking code from Google Analytics:

  • Firstly you have to add your websites into Google Analytics, for this reason, visit Google Analytics Websites. If you add your websites already, don’t need to do it again. Just take the tracking code following the last step from this section.
  •  Now Go to Admin of your Google Analytics Dashboard and click Create new Property. Then will open another page. See the image below…
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  • Here you have to copy the Tracking Code. Those who have added the websites already, they have to take this code only with <script> tag. 
  • Now, you have added your websites on WordPress. It’s time to add this tracking code into WordPress. Let’s add this code on your WordPress.

Adding this Code into WordPress:

Now open your WordPress dashboard by logging it. You have to add the <Script> code into your WordPress. But Where?

  • Just before the closing </head> tag (recommended by Google)
  • Just before the closing </body> tag (may improve performance)

Do the below easy steps to add the code into WordPress:

  • Go to Editor under Appearance. And open Theme Footer.
  • Here you have to add this code into Theme Footer (footer.php) before the <body> tag.
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  • Click update now.

Note: Be careful when editing the core file of WordPress editor. You can FTP to edit this code. Same way, just add the <script> code into footer.php area before <body> tag.

Now enjoy Google Analytics from your Analytics Dashboard. I think you have enjoyed the tutorial.

Final Thought:

After all, it is very much necessary to add your websites into Google Analytics. Otherwise, you will not able to track your websites. For this reason, you can lose a lot of potential visitors. It’s the best practice to know the destination of your websites. I think you have enjoyed the tutorial. If it helps you, share it on your favorite social media. If you need any further assistance about adding Google Analytics on WordPress websites. Just comment me and I will be back within hours. 


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