How to deal with Google penalty?

in SEO on March 25, 2019

If you find that the traffic on your site is in free fall and that your position in the Google results has deteriorated, there is a good chance that you will suffer a penalty from the web giant.

The situation may seem alarming because it may have an impact on your turnover but rest assured, it is possible to face the sanctions of Google.

Step by step I will explain how to proceed to lift Google penalty.

What Are Google Penalty and What Do They Mean?

Google has two types of penalty, each related to the respect of best practices in SEO  :

What type of penalty do you face?

It’s easy to know the type of Google penalty you face.

Start by going to your Google Search Console account. If it is a manual penalty you will see it immediately in a notification as well as in “Manual actions” under “Security and manual actions”.

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If you do not see any messages then you are certainly facing an algorithmic penalty.

To identify the algorithm change that caused a loss in your ranking, you must correlate the period during which you started to lose traffic with the update date of the algorithm.

Feel free to check the history of updates to Google’s algorithm.

How to lift an algorithmic penalty?

The algorithmic penalty can relate to the quality of your content and / or the quality of your links.

In the first case, this means that you have been adding poor quality content to your site for a long time. It can also be caused by the excessive presence of advertisements or by slow loading of your site.

In the second case, you have a problem with your links. It can be an over-optimization of links or backlinks “spam”.

Solutions for penalties related to the quality of the content

To remove penalties related to the quality of your content here is what you can do:

  • Add high value content to pages that do not contain much content
  • Analyze your site to identify potential duplicate content. If you see duplicate content rewrite.
  • Optimize the loading speed of your site if it is slow
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices if it’s not there yet
  • Reduce the number of ads per page, you should not have more than two per page

Solutions for penalties related to the quality of links

When the penalties imposed by Google are related to the quality of links , start by performing a full audit of your links. For this task, you can call on an expert SEO freelancer .

During your audit, certain situations must alert you to:

  • Sites that contain a lot of links to your site
  • Links that were added shortly before the Google Penalty
  • Links that come from spam or poor quality sites

Once you have identified the links that are causing you a problem, politely contact the sites in question to ask the owners to remove the links.What if links are not removed?If you do not get answers, or if someone does not want to remove a link to your site, you can apply to Google to disavow links.

When you disavow links , you tell Google the urls that should not be taken into account for your SEO.

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WarningThis tool should be used as a last resort because Google will ask you if you have done everything in your power to manually get the removal of links.

How to lift a manual penalty?

As we saw earlier, if this is a manual penalty then this is clearly stated in your manual action report in your Search Console. The message will tell you the reason for the penalty.

You can face a manual penalty for various reasons:

  • Your site has been hacked
  • Your site is considered pure spam
  • You are misusing markup
  • You have hidden text or you are stuffing keywords
  • Non-natural links point to your site
  • Non-natural links are present on your site
  • You make misleading redirects
  • Your site has content without added value
  • You send automatic queries to Google
  • Etc.

For links and content problems you can proceed in the same way as for algorithmic penalties.

On the other hand, for any other reason leading to a Google penalty it is better to call a professional . Actions are specific to each problem and often require technical skills.

How to notify Google that you have corrected the errors?

If you have made the necessary corrections on your site to reconnect with the good practices published by Google, it is time to warn him so that he lifts his penalty.Did you know ?The request for reconsideration of your site is only available for manual penalties, you will find a button to submit your request from your Google Search Console.

According to Google, here are the elements that must be included in your request for reconsideration of your site:

  • An explanation of the problems that have occurred on your site  : link your explanation to the exact element that you did not respect in the guidelines of Google
  • A description of the work you have done to solve the problem
  • An explanation of the current situation  : for example, if you can not remove some backlinks specify it in your request

After submitting your request, you must wait between 3 and 4 weeks to receive a response from Google.

If your request is approved then Google is satisfied with the steps you have taken to fix your site. Traffic and your ranking in the search results should return to normal.Our adviceIf after 8 weeks you still have no response from Google, re-apply for reconsideration of your site.

Google penalty have a big impact on your business and sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience to get by.

It is therefore essential to optimize your SEO by taking into account the many SEO criteria (quality of content, backlinks, speed of the site, responsive, etc.).

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