How to disable JetPack messages in the WordPress Admin interface

in Tips & Tricks on March 30, 2019

Many WordPress sites rely on the Jetpack extension offered by Automattic. Available for free, it also includes premium features that  require switching to a paid subscription. To encourage users of the free version to opt for the superior offer, Jetpack displays rather intrusive banners in the back office in the form of notification.

With a single line of code, it is possible to disable them to find our serenity. Create a mu-plugin file then paste the following single line:

 /* Hide Jetpack Banner */ 
add_filter('jetpack_just_in_time_msgs', '__return_false');

Here’s an example of a banner that will disappear after adding this code:

Note that some notifications, such as the example, are made to encourage you to use some features of the extension available as a free version. It’s very intrusive and it’s the door open for each extension to do the same!

Stop intrusive notifications with WordPress hooks!

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