Scientists have predicted how humanity can be transformed over the next thousand years.

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According to available statistics, over the past 150 years, the average height of people increased by 10 centimeters, thanks to the achievements of modern science and medicine over the past 65 years, the average life expectancy of people in developed countries has increased by 20 years. And if in such a relatively short period of time there have been such significant changes with humanity, then what will people look like in another one thousand years?

According to forecasts, over the next thousand years, the number of languages spoken by people on the globe should literally be reduced by an order of magnitude, from a thousand to a hundred. The processes of global warming, the increase in UV fluxes pouring from the sky along with sunlight, and other climatic changes will lead to the fact that all people will become darker. In addition, people will become higher and more “subtle”, in which the global warming and the reduction of physical activity, associated with the widespread introduction of robotics and other automation tools, will play not the last role.

Scientists predict that in the so distant future, people will own computers, the performance, and resources of which will exceed the analogous parameters of the human brain. Naturally, a full-fledged artificial intelligence that can talk to people, interact with them in other ways, listen, see and memorize information will be able to work on such computers.

People themselves will become somewhat closer to robots. In the depths of the human body, there will always be large groups of nanobots of various types. Some types will be designed to continuously support human health at the proper level, others – to increase the already existing natural human capabilities and to give them completely new abilities.

However, the use of microscopic robots goes far beyond supplying people of the future with the powers of superheroes. These ubiquitous robots can literally transform many other areas of human life and activity, such “cars” can become a building material from which a residential building is being built in a few seconds or minutes, for example, which can later be removed with such ease. “Imagine that after you leave your dwelling, it is“ taken apart ”, and the freed-up areas and nanorobots are used for something else, the researchers write.