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SEO: How To Attract Google’s Bot To Your Website

In general, When we talk about search engine optimization , we think about content and backlinks. Two things that have a very important role in SEO. But what good are they if the website is not easy to crawl and index for search engines?

Keep in mind that a bad site structure and internal links, endless redirects or unsupported scripts can prevent Google’s crawlers from crawling and indexing.

Unless you have deliberately chosen to block access to the page or website for the public, you must avoid these factors and adopt the following techniques.

1. Submit sitemap to Google

The sitemap is a file in the root folder of your domain. It contains direct links to all pages of your site.

You can submit your sitemap to Google using the Google Search Console.

2. Internal linking

Improve the links between the pages of your website to make sure that all content is connected to each other.

The robots responsible for crawling your website will go from content to content, which will facilitate your indexing.

3. Update your content regularly

We always come back to the content. This is the most important part for SEO! It helps attract new visitors, but it also helps to improve the exploration of your website.

The reason is that web crawlers often come back to sites that constantly update their content.

Of course, think also to publish regularly new articles, in connection with the news, and useful to your target. They will add new doors to your website, which is great for your SEO.

4. Avoid the duplicate content

Having pages with the same content or similar content in two lines is catastrophic for SEO. But it can also decrease the frequency with which crawlers visit your website.

Scrutinize your site and purge it of any duplicate content  : similar product files, barely rewritten articles …

5. Speed ​​up the loading time of your pages

Web crawlers do not just have your site to visit. They have limited time to explore and index your pages. Once this time has elapsed, they will go away.

So, the faster your links are loaded, the less likely it is that robots are caught by the weather.

To improve loading time , use Google Page Speed ​​Insights. This tool measures the performance of your website and gives you valuable tips to improve the display of your pages.

To more regularly attract crawlers to your website, improve the overall performance of your website. In addition, do not forget to refresh your content regularly, either by updating them or by writing new articles.

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