SEO Off-Page: How To Build Backlinks?

in SEO on March 25, 2019

SEO, or natural SEO if you prefer, is very important for your website. you must be correctly listed on Google and come out on key phrases that your customers will type.

Do not forget also the local SEO that can help you gain visibility around your home and is more effective than a national search work, longer and especially less interesting for your business.

Once we have gone through the usual “basic” SEO recommendations, let’s ask the question of SEO Off-Page, or how to successfully generate external links to your website to give it credibility. It is true: that one does not necessarily have the means, how to display a profile of relevant links which point towards its own site?

Off-Page SEO is not just for the big guys

The problem with off-Page SEO is that it often demands external resources from the company. Indeed, hard to understand how it will be possible to develop its network of backlinks when we do not know.

Obviously, everything depends on the objectives you have and the budget that you can allocate to it. The more you have an available budget, the more you can seek experts with substantial resources, which will certainly offer you an excellent job.

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For Off-site SEO, and all the external linking work, how can we do it as a small business?

The stands

The platform is a great tool for presenting yourself through expert content on one of his favorite topics. Generally related to the business sector of the company, it can help to convey an idea or a position, while valuing his company or his own name.

Almost similar to press relations (many companies send their forums by email to the media), it offers a moment of expression to redirect readers to his site (often via his signature or presentation of author).

Guest Posting

The guest posting is a space of expression offered to an author, which will allow him to regularly offer content to Internet users .

This position will make it possible to create an author card (in which we find in particular the link to the website of the company), and to give advice, his point of view or to comment on certain news related to his activity.

Without wasting any time, let’s check out the complete list of guest posting sites:

Press relations at local / regional level

Another way to apprehend an “external” website to benefit from its credibility is to work on its press relations.

Thus, through important news about the company, you can benefit from spin-offs and, beyond visibility, links to your website. These can be judged credible through the media that generates it, but also natural because built through interesting information about you.

The only difficulty of this type of press relations consists in the approach that should be privileged: if you benefit from certain contacts, you will be able to try your luck. In the opposite case, the support of a (or a) press relations specialist will be more than necessary.

Native advertising

Last means that we wanted to put in perspective here: the native advertising.

Some media are more complicated to touch than others, and to enter, it will usually take out the wallet. But be careful not to do it anyhow: you have to understand the terms of the partnership (duration of visibility, links to your website sustainable or not, etc.) and so determine the sustainability / price is interesting.

Indeed, the top is to benefit from one or more news, which will remain installed on the website in time, allowing you to vary your profile links (with sites that you could not touch otherwise).

Of course, not all sectors and all types of companies are able to put in place certain actions. Indicatively, we wanted to share some of the most pragmatic so you can understand the SEO Off-site as simply as possible.

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