Discover our selection of the best websites offering free videos that you can use for your personal or commercial project.

1. iStock, the reference in the field

iStock has been the reference for free videos for several years. These are paying, although the price remains affordable, but you will not take any risk as to their quality.

The choice is broad and covers many sectors of activity. You’ll find animations , videos shot from a drone, slow motion or accelerated videos.

iStock videos

2. Pexels, the king of free video

The Pexels site offers a wide variety of free and royalty-free videos, all of very good quality.

Whether you are looking for videos on the theme of nature, food, a crowd of people, or effects “blur”, you will find your happiness.

You will also find timelapse, embedded videos and even mockups of smartphones and tablets on which you can easily replace the green background.

Pexels videos

3. Storyblocks

Storyblocks also offers videos of a very high quality but if we place it in third position it is because you will have to take a subscription to take advantage of it.

However, by putting the means you will have the opportunity to make your video very professional . The sequences proposed on the site are superb and will be adapted to your project, whatever it is. Yes, even if your video is to be used in augmented reality.

Storyblocks videos

4. Shutterstock

On Shutterstock you will find videos that you will not find elsewhere: cinemagraphs, underwater drones, vintage videos, big data … in short you will find everything on this site and obviously all videos are free of rights.

We particularly appreciate the filter system that allows you to do a thorough search. You will be able to choose the resolution, the images per second or even the duration.

Shutterstock videos

5. Stock Footage 4 Free

The free videos available on Stock Footage for Free cover many topics. If no mockup is offered you can still comfort you with videos in slow motion.

We appreciate the detailed descriptions of each video. They will allow you to make the right choice before downloading.

Stock footage for Free videos

6. Pixabay

Also known for photos, Pixabay offers a large amount of free videos. They all come from the community of the site and usually last less than a minute.

In addition to the classic videos that you can find on other sites, Pixabay is a good alternative if you are looking for more artistic, abstract and niche activities.

Pixabay videos

7. Coverr, videos for your background

On the Coverr website you will find a selection of free videos that you can use in the background on your website. The plans are specially designed so that you can superimpose text without hindering the legibility of the information.

Little more, the site offers you an overview of your video in the background and gives you the necessary code to integrate into your site.

Coverr videos

8. Videezy, one of the largest video communities

Videezy provides you with royalty-free videos for personal and commercial use provided you quote “” in your project.

The sequences created with Adobe After Effects will allow you to add professionalism to your video.

Videezy videos

9. Videvo, the widest choice of videos

Thanks to the Videvo community you will find thousands of videos on their site. Even if the quality is sometimes variable, the choice is so vast that you will inevitably find the sequence adapted to your video.

Attention, all videos are not free, so check the license associated with it.

Videvo Videos

10. MotionElements, the perfect place for video motions

As the name suggests, MotionElements offers royalty free motion design videos. They will be perfect to add dynamism to your introduction or to shape your titles.

Note that MotionElements also offers videos made with After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Motion Elements videos

Free stock footage can save you time and energy while making your videos look better. And since so much of it is 100% free, it can also help you allocate your video funds more wisely, no matter how big or small your budget is. With all these resources available to you, why not start working on your next video project today?


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